Murillo's Tax Service

A clean modern site with a professional feel that really showcases the Murillo Tax Service brand

About the Project

Murillo's Tax Service is a family owned and operated tax office that has been running out of Chicago's south side for over 40 years. I wanted to make sure with this project that the Murillos had a quality website to go along with their quality work.

Responsive Web Design

With mobile users everywhere I wanted to ensure that was set up with full responsive web design. This design allows for the site to come up looking great on any sized screen without the need to pinch and zoom while only seeing part of the site. With this responsive design Murillo's Tax Service is able to provide a comfortable and simple to use experience for their use

New Website Bringing New Business

This website was the first online presence for Murilo's Tax Service. Since implementation of the site the Murillos have seen a rise in new customers. In addition to designing and implementing this site I had also helped with branding.