Cafe Absinthé

The website emits a clean, modern, yet romantic aura in-keeping with Cafe Absinthe's brand values

About the Project

Cafe Absinthé is a popular french restaurant in Wicker Park; a must for a romantic setting. They were in need of basic web presence and a way to take in online reservations.

Website Migration

Cafe Absinthé's website had gone down. My team and I salvaged as much as we could from the archives and brought their website back to life with a new, easy-to-use, content management system.

Responsive Web Design

As most foodies will know, you have to make your menu easy to read and easy to find on the web. So you must have it on your website. ITBY JACC provided Cafe Absinthé with a fully responsive website so all their returning customers and new customers can easily navigate through the website without having to pinch and zoom on their mobile device.

OpenTable Intergration

One of the key features Cafe Absinthé asked for with the new website was a way to take in online reservations. Since the restaurant was absent from the web for a bit of time, they relied on Open Table to take their online reservations. So we used that same service and integrated it seamlessly into the website and no further complication to the reservation process for both Cafe Absinthé and their customers.